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Blowout Preventers Online

At Oilfield Supply we offer a unique, online oil equipment destination where you or your company men can purchase a myriad of parts from our site catalog. From downhole equipment to pressure systems, we have you covered from coring to completions. Our site also features well control equipment, such as blowout preventers, and our more than 15 years of experience in the industry will connect you with the right supplier as well as the perfect product.

Blowout preventers online: The basics

At Oilfield Supply, we carry numerous styles of ram and annular preventers. On the first contingency, the annular blow out style is designed to shut your well without actually cutting or damaging any of your drilling pipe. When the preventer’s hard rubber element is engaged, it expands to close the gap between your outside casing and your drill pipe. The preventer closes around your drill string, casing and anything else that’s currently downhole. You can also continue operations with the annular preventer closed, say, if you’re taking a kick and you need to continue, or if you need to rotate a pipe and bring it out of the hole. Typically the annular is on top of the blow out preventer stack. On our site we carry the following:

  • Hydrill Style
  • Cameron Style
  • Shaffer Style

A ram-style preventer is used for a second contingency, and it’s a moon-shaped piece of equipment that’s lined with elastimer. This style closes around the drill pipe to ultimately restrict the flow of the annulus. Sheer rams, however, shut like scissors and cut the drill pipe. These are used during your fourth contingency. At Oilfield Supply we carry the Shaffer Style Ram LWP, LWS and SL.

Buy blowout preventers at Oilfield Supply

Regardless of your needs in the field, Oilfield Supply has maintained trusting relationship with the top suppliers in the industry. Please contact us today or visit our site to begin browsing.

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