Mud pumps online

At Oilfield Supply, we’ve gathered the most reputable oil equipment supply companies together all under one site name. How do we know they work in the field? Our owner has had more than 15 years of industry experience with his own oil and work-over companies. If you’re looking for a mud pump online, we can get you quotes from the top three suppliers in the nation. Continue reading

PDC Drilling Bits Online

PDC bits, polycrystalline diamond cutters, are false diamond bits that can break through extremely hard rock formations. At Oilfield Supply, we offer PDC Coring, Bi-Center, Casing/Liner and drill bits to succeed in any oil play. The difference on our site is the ease of use. We offer customers not only a navigable catalog, but also strong relationships with reputable suppliers across the country, guaranteeing your product performance in the field. Continue reading