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Drag Bits Online

If you’re operating with a dull PDC, fishtail or other drag bit, Oilfield Supply has the perfect product to get you back downhole drilling. We’ve built trusted relationships with suppliers across the industry board, and we have a broad selection of drag bits online below, as well as some helpful information for while you’re in the field.

Drag bits online at Oilfield Supply

If you’re looking to buy drag bits online, you’ve come to the right site. Drag bits are one of two in a broad category of rotary drill bits. They’re predominantly steel cutters, PCDs-polycrystalline diamond cutters- or they’re natural diamond cutters. On our site, we offer high-quality bits from trusted suppliers including:

  • PDC coring bits
  • Bi-center PDC drill bits
  • Casing/liner PDC bits
  • Fishtail bits
  • Ream while drilling bits
  • Surface-set diamond bits
  • Surface-set diamond coring bits

    Drilling in West Texas, by E.P. Drilling Engineer Robert Fondren

    Drilling in West Texas, by E.P. Drilling Engineer Robert Fondren

Order drag bits online, but here’s some useful info first

When it comes down to rock mechanics, PDC drag bits are best for wedging versus percussion and crushing or scraping and grinding. Wedging is the way PDC bits break rock best and keep the bits sharpest for the longest amount of time. Although scraping and grinding can occur, this is less ideal contact between the rock and the PDC cutting surface, which will dull the bit. After using Mohr’s Circle equation- and factoring in the compressive force of the bit’s weight load on the cutter-you’ll be able to find the shear pressure your PDC bit needs to apply for rock failure.

Helpful hints:

-If the bottom cutting angle is reduced the cutters tend to scrape along the bottom of the hole, which is not as efficient.

-Can occur if the rock is gummy, soft or if the bottom angle is made too shallow or if too much WOB (weight on bit) is applied

Drag bits at Oilfield Supply

If you’re bit has seen its last formation, visit our site to connect with the most trusted, reliable suppliers and products around. We look forward to working with you.


A rig at sunset in West Texas

A rig at sunset in West Texas


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