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Drill Pipe Online

When shopping for drill pipe online, it’s obvious that time is of the essence when it comes to maintaining your project rate and getting your supplies quickly and efficiently. At Oilfield Supply, we work with the most trusted suppliers in the business when you need to buy drill pipe online. Below, you’ll read just what goes into a good product design.

Drill pipe design

Pipeline design must examine the following, because applied design keeps the actual loading of a tube and its connection below the elastic limit of the tube, therefore preventing Burst Loads for surface pipelines:

  • The fluid environment including corrosion and erosion
  • Connection type
  • Internal and external special coatings
  • In some special cases, bending and thermal loads

When shopping for pipeline online, you’ll need to examine the following specifications

  • Outer diameter (OD-inch)
  • Inner diameter (ID-inch)
  • Wall thickness (t-inch)
  • Metallurgy (Grade)
  • Weight (lbs/ft)
  • Mill test pressure (Burst) (Pmt-PSI)
  • Minimum yield strength (PSI)
  • Burst at minimum yield (Pb-PSI)

Drill pipe safety factors

Safety factors are used to increase the required limits of a tube. They’re used to compensate for variances in manufacturing and the following:

  • Field handling
  • Property deterioration over the service life of the tube
  • The ‘worst case scenario’ happens
  • Public safety concerns
  • Unknown circumstances
  • The greater the chance that a tube will be subjected to one of these conditions, the larger the safety factor becomes


Drill pipe: General design steps

  • Determine the diameter of the pipe
  • Determine the correct design code that regulates pipelines in the area
  • Determine the maximum allowed operating presser (MAOP) to which the pipe can be exposed
  • Calculate the ‘design’ pressure for the pipe. This determines the wall thickness and its metallurgy.
  • Determine the test pressure that will be used to validate that the line is not leaking at the time it was constructed
  • Verify that the manufacturer’s published burst rating of the pipe is more than the design burst pressure from step 4 and the test pressure from step 5 regulated by pipeline CODES.

Purchase drill pipe online

If you’re ready to make a pipeline purchase for your next project, visit our site to view our wide array of options today.




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