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Oilfield Supply Redesign

OilfieldSupply.com got a facelift! Our site has just launched with a redesign to deliver a better customer shopping and browsing experience. Although many of the changes occurred under the hood, the new updates will certainly streamline each customer experience when shopping for oil field parts and components online.

Oilfield Supply Redesign: The 3-part website spruce up

1) We now have an integrated site-wide search that displays our part database categorically, and the more specific product matches are listed directly below.

2) We’ve also added additional purchasing options along with submitting your requests to suppliers for quotes. Now, companies are able to request a quote from suppliers, buy directly from our site or send a third-party purchase order via Oilfield Supply. After selecting the ‘Hydraulic Motors & Pumps’ category under the home page’s ‘Air and Hydraulics’, you’ll also see that we now sell these specific parts directly from our site with their prices listed below the product image.

3) When you’re finished filling your items list, the first thing you’ll notice is that you no longer need to register on our website in order to request a quote or purchase a part. Even if your list contains a combination of a quote request, a purchase order and a hydraulic motor from Oilfield Supply, our redesign allows customers to complete all form sending and transactions on one page with our segmented checkout.

Oilfield Supply was created on the basis of convenience and our goal was to bring oilfield parts and trusted suppliers under one web roof. We hope you find that our website redesign has enhanced this customer experience, and we hope to continue to be your one-stop oilfield shop. From casing to downhole motors, we’ve worked hard to connect companies with the best suppliers in the industry.

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