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PDC Drilling Bits Online

PDC bits, polycrystalline diamond cutters, are false diamond bits that can break through extremely hard rock formations. At Oilfield Supply, we offer PDC Coring, Bi-Center, Casing/Liner and drill bits to succeed in any oil play. The difference on our site is the ease of use. We offer customers not only a navigable catalog, but also strong relationships with reputable suppliers across the country, guaranteeing your product performance in the field.

PDC drilling bits online: What are they?

When you search for PDC drill bits online, you’re looking for equipment that has incredible wear performance where you can run it in formations for an extended period of time. PDC bits are made a few difference ways. A surface set PDC cutter is made from iron, and they can either cast the piece with filler cutters or impregnate it with them during the process. Once again, the equipment you buy will be determined by the type of play you’re drilling in.

PDC coring bits online

PDC coring bits are an excellent tool to analyze a formation, determining what you’ll need to attempt to increase efficiency in all aspects such as drilling, completions, production and reservoir. The coring process determines the petrophysical components of the rock such as porosity and permeability. At the end of the day, you’ll understand how much oil is in place, which proppant to use for your frac job and the type and density of your mud for drilling. At Oilfield Supply, our catalog stocks the following coring bits for your well:

  • Baker Hughes INTEQ PDC
  • Bit-Tech SPH PDC
  • Dowdco PDC
  • Haliburton PDC
  • NOV ReedHycalog PDC
  • Varel International PDC

Polycrystalline diamond compact bits online

At Oilfield Supply, we offer every piece of equipment you’ll ever need for your workover, drilling or well supply company. The founder of this navigable catalogue has owned various drilling and workover companies for over 15 years, and he knows the importance of dependable equipment and suppliers. Whatever your oilfield needs, contact us today or visit our site.

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