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Rig Parts Online

At Oilfield Supply, we realize the importance of a ‘well-oiled’ rig, pun intended. From the engine you rely on to the rig clutch, we have fostered the most trusting relationship with suppliers across the industry that can get you up and running in no time.

Rig parts online: What we do

Deadline anchors: are used to anchor the drill line that’s used to pick up any load the rig needs to lift. The device is securely fastened to the mast or the derrick’s substructure. At Oilfield Supply, we have relationships with- and you’re able to get quotes from- the following two suppliers, Hercules and National Manufacturers.

Drawworks parts online: Drawworks is the lifting portion of the derrick of the rig. We can connect you with the parts or suppliers online to replace almost any parts from the intricate drawworks system. Modern systems have five parts that includes the drum, the motor, the reduction gear, the brake and the auxiliary brake.

Rig clutch block replacements: The rig clutch is used to gradually engage and disengage the motors which control the drawworks, which are the power behind lifting and lowering the drilling rig. We currently have three different styles of rig clutches: Eaton style, Twin Disc style and Wichita style

Engines: If you putter out mid-operation, quickly log onto OilfieldSupply.com and we can get your replacement or spare parts to you quickly and efficiently. We have relationships with the top suppliers and have the following quote options from:

  • Caterpillar style engine
  • Cummins diesel style engine
  • Detroit diesel style engine

Winches: Whether you’re recovering pipe or cementing casing, we have the perfect winches and parts that you’ll need in the field. We carry Braden style and Tulsa style winches online.

Rig parts online: Easy ordering system

When you’re ready to check out, simply add the items you’re interested in as well as the suppliers that you’re going to get quotes from. There’s no longer and login portals or registration needed.

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