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At Oilfield Supply, it's obvious that you need to measure success. That's why we carry various instruments to cater to every rig. If you have a breakdown, we've got the best suppliers in the industry ready to rearm you with depthometers, pump stroke counters, tongue torque gauges and wireline units throughout the country. You've just found your one-stop shop for oilfield instrumentation online.

Oilfield Instruments: Our Suppliers and Parts

Depthometer: Not only do we carry depthometers, we also provide the perfect place to choose individual replacement parts on our site. Instead of flipping through endless catalogues to match the perfect product and parts, we've made it easy online to get your extra bed bearings, steel spacers, frame assembly, cap screw, main wheel assembly, pins and hex nuts.

Pump stroke counter: Number of stokes from 0 to 9999, strokes per minute from 7.5 to 1024. We don't have a specific supplier for pump stroke counters, however we do facilitate the communication and quote process between you and the following manufacturers:

  • Crown Oilfield pump stroke counters
  • Forum
  • McCoy
  • Poor Boy's Instrument
  • Schwab's Tinker International
  • Stable Weight Systems
  • Texas International

Tong torque gauges: We have many suppliers that provide torque gauges. These systems are proven to decrease the under and over torquing in the field by accurately displaying the amount of torque applied to oilfield tubular breakout operations. Each time you order via Oil Supply, the systems will normally come with a hydraulic load cell, hose assembly and damper assembly. When reading the gauges, the amount or torque is read in foot pounds per joint.

Wireline Unit: Whether you're involved in well intervention, reservoir evaluation or pipe recovery, we've got the perfect wireline unit for your drilling company. Wireline units can also measure logging depth, cable tension and speed as well as your rig's drilling parameters.

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