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Tricone bits drill differently than PDCs, because three cones rotate on bearings and crush the rock versus applying force directly onto the formation. As the bit turns the cones rotate, and each set of teeth sink into the formation to crack and crush the rock. Your drilling mud then pushes the cuttings out of the hole. Depending on the formation and if the well is vertical or horizontal, tricone bits can tear through:

Soft formations: sandstones unconsolidated sands clays soft limestone riverbeds and some shale

Medium formations: calcites, dolomites, limestone and hard shale

Hard formations: hard shale calcites mud stones, cherty limestone, different types of abrasive rock formations like pyrite stringers

Tricone Bits Online: Do I Need a Replacement?

Unlike PDC bits that have no moving parts and only the cutters wear, tricone bits have a bearing inside each rotating cone. Therefore, each bit is designed to stand anywhere from one to ten million rotations until it wear and gouges out. One of the number one, tell-tale signs of a gouged-out bit is a decrease in your rate of penetration. You could also experience a coring effect where your bit rotates and drills on the outside and not towards the center. Unfortunately this can be a trial and error process unless you're familiar with the hardness of the formation. There also might be well history data to consult if you're operating in a familiar play. Another good source to refer to is the supplier that you'll be contacted by through our site. They might also have good bit suggestions for the area.

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At Oilfield Supply, we've worked hard to gather the most trusted, nationwide supplier products on our site. The originator of our website has actually had first-hand experience and relationships with suppliers via his own workover and drilling companies for more than 15 years. When it comes to tricone bits, we're able to supply insert roller cone and steel tooth roller cone bits.

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