Well Control Parts Online

If you've ever been anywhere near a facet of the oil and gas industry, the concept of safety has sure to have saturated your mind down the line. Effective well control saves precious lives, time and resources on the field. That's why at Oilfield Supply, we connect you with well control parts online from the most trusted suppliers in the industry. How do we know? Our owner spent more than 15 years in the business with his own workover and drilling companies.

Well Control Parts: What We Carry

Listed below are our products that we can connect you to through our supplier relationships:

Wellheads carry out a number of jobs and one is to act as an attachment piece for the blow out preventer. At other instances the wellhead can control and regulate fluid flow. You can also attach a Christmas tree, we also have those as listed below, to the wellhead that controls pressure inside the well bore.

We also carry the following:

  • Casing hanger
  • Casing head
  • Casing spools
  • Christmas tree
  • Tubing hanger
  • Tubing head
  • Tubing head adapter
  • Tubing spool

Blow Out Preventers Online
Blow out preventers stop unanticipated pressure, kicks and fluid surges deep in the well. Their components are designed to deploy differently when it comes to certain contingencies when you're drilling. They normally consist of an annular BOP on top, then a pipe ram, blind ram and a second pipe ram are below the annular. To automatically deploy a BOP in case of catastrophe, a hydraulically-pressurized accumulator sits in waiting.

We carry the following styles of blow out preventers online:

  • Hydrill style
  • Cameron style
  • Shaffer style

Our online well control parts don't stop there either. We also have:

  • Flanges
  • Adapters
  • Spools
  • Ring Joint Gaskets

Well Control Parts Online

If you're looking for top-quality well control products, look no further than Oilfield Supply online.

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